Friday, July 17, 2009

More Lost Socks Boards

I honestly don't know what my problem was when I took these pictures. I was rushing to take them before giving them to the person who ordered them and they just turned out bad! (BTW, they're not hung on a wall, they're on my window sill- I was trying to get good lighting and instead ended up with crooked pictures.)



Both of these are sold, but can easily be recreated. The bottom one is red with some barely noticeable black markings on it.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Lost Socks Board

Cute and useful decoration for your laundry room. It holds lost socks for you until the other one turns up. I absolutely love mine! I didn't have a good place for the lost socks before, so when the other half of the pair would turn up it would become a lost sock as well because I didn't know what I did with the first one. Not only does this help me with that, it also looks very cute (it can be hard to decorate a laundry room).

$9- black lettering and background
$10- any other color

You can purchase one already made (more will be coming) or you can customize yours. The price is the same either way. Just let me know what color(s) and style you want and I'll either try to find something to fit or you can get your own paper to me.

Paper Options

Paper Options
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